What Mount St. Joseph means to me

Submitted by Anthony DiPino, Class of 2020. During my first day at the Mount, I was shadowing Tyler Collins, the best soccer player in the school who runs a 4.6 40-yard dash. You could see the nervousness on my face walking into the school. Little did I know […]

Is video review failing professional soccer?

Submitted by Connor Neugebauer ’23 The recent introduction of VAR into professional soccer has received mixed responses from fans of the sport. Many support this new technology and the transparency it brings, but others feel it drains the excitement and life out of the game. The latter group seems […]

A Freshman’s Guide to Quarantine

Chapter 1. Life Before Quarantine To introduce myself, my name is Danny Palmer. I’m writing this based on my experiences with this quarantine to hopefully help those who read persevere until life returns to normal.  Speaking of normal, for me life was good up to quarantine. I had […]