A Penny for Pat’s Thoughts: Don’t Boycott the Vote

A Penny For Pat's ThoughtsWith all signs pointing towards a Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton presidential race this November, many Conservatives are upset by the Republican Party’s choice to back Trump. With his outrageous behavior during rallies, debates, and interviews, Trump has effectively alienated the moderate conservative faction of the GOP. While it is perfectly fair that Trump is in the lead because of his massive appeal to non-establishment voters (which has brought in a massive turnout at the polls), his views tailor only to a specific type of Republican. Trump’s candidacy has created an unhealthy split in the GOP, and without Trump we would have a more conventional and respectable primary race between Rubio and Cruz.

With Trump being the front-runner as of now, mainstream Republicans have been talking on social media about being no-shows at the election  if Trump is the official nominee. I believe there should not be widespread no-showing for the election, because it would have a damning effect on the rest of what is being voted on this year. With 24 Senate seats (20 of which are Republican) and all 435 seats in the House of Representatives up in the air, this election will be hugely important in determining our country’s path over the next ten years. If the Democrats take just four seats during the election, there will no longer be a Republican majority in the Senate, thereby making it more difficult to veto the more liberal bills up for a vote.

Another reason that voters should not skip this election is because there are several state-level issues that are going to be decided upon purely by popular vote. For example, one issue that received widespread attention in the 2012 election was the construction of casinos in Maryland in order to increase revenue. With the popular vote going in favor of that bill, casinos are now in Baltimore and at Arundel Mills, both of which are keeping tax revenue in Maryland that would otherwise benefit states such as West Virginia or New Jersey.

With 24 seats in the Senate, the entire House of Representatives, and several state-level votes to consider, no one should boycott the election this year based on the presidential race. The presidency is just one branch of the Federal Government, so it’s nowhere near the only issue you need to consider when going to vote.

Lastly, remember that if you do want to have an effect on the results of the parties’ nominees before the November general election, you can vote in your State’s primary for your respective party. The primary for Maryland will be held on Tuesday, April 26. Get out and vote!