Matthew O’Brien: Donald Trump Cannot Be Our President

Dear Mr. Donald J. Trump,

Unlike you are in your speeches and answers to questions, I’m going to be specific and to the point. You cannot be President of the United States. Somehow you have managed to mock disabled people, insult women, point out that Senator John McCain is not a hero, and still say that you have a great relationship with everyone. You have no policy or plans except two things: building a wall and making America great again.

Supposedly, we are going to win, and you are going to lead us. The thing is, we have no idea how you are going to do that. There are people who would follow you to the gates of Hell, and there are others who would like to see you killed. The Republican nomination is almost yours, but the presidency is a whole other story.

You are the front-runner of the Republicans because you have the most delegates. However, the majority of the base is not on your side. In each primary, you have received below 50% of the vote. That is a plurality, not a majority. If it were a two-man race, you would lose every single time.

But the 35-45% of people that you do have are deeply rooted in you and your ideas. They don’t care that you have no plans or that you have no experience. You are their avenger, the one who will destroy all the evils that President Obama has done. You are preying on their anger and frustration, and it has propelled you to your lead.

Then there are the other 55-65% who hate you. They are the people who have wanted to boycott this election or find a third-party candidate to rally around. They have protested at rallies, and it has led to violence, violence that has been caused by your words and your beliefs. However, you claim these people are bad, that they are supporters of Bernie, and that you will send your people to cause trouble at Sanders rallies in retaliation. People have been punched and injured, but you just say that it is OK for them to get hurt. “Get him out” has become your new “You’re fired.”

There is most likely going to be a contested convention unless you somehow manage to destroy Sen. Cruz (aka Lying Ted) in the coming weeks. But a convention would mean that the presidency would be stolen from you. You say this because you believe you are not being respected by the Republican Party, but you have to show respect to gain respect. Also the convention is a big negotiation. If you are so good at negotiating, then you should be able to get that nomination. If you claim that the party hates you, well then you should look at the rest of the world. China does not like us, along with Iran, Russia, Somalia, Mexico, Iraq and a whole lot of other countries. You need to negotiate with people with whom you do not have a great relationship.

The Republican Party is at a crossroads, and Trump Street is one of the choices. If they choose it, then there is a risk that the party will be destroyed and may never recover. Then there is the other street, where they choose not to nominate you, and you take your followers and leave. Then the general election will be lost, but the party will be saved.


A caricature of Donald Trump. Photo Credit, DonkeyHotey via Flickr, https://flic.kr/p/DaCGX9.

But one thing is certain: someone must beat you. If you manage to win and enact all of your plans, then the Republican Party’s image will be hurt for the next couple of decades. They will not be able to shake Donald Trump from their image. A power-hungry, sexist billionaire who preys on the emotions of people is not someone who should be a party leader, let alone President of the United States.

So many of us hope and pray that you fall from grace and be exposed as the fraud you are. But this may never happen, and we might have to face the consequences. You may be able to get Democrats on your side and manage to convince people that you are the right person to be President, but we haven’t seen it yet and most likely never will. You claim that we are going to win, win, win.  Perhaps you are, but then it is the American people who are going to lose, lose, lose.


Matthew O’Brien

Former Rubio Supporter

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