Russ Sullivan: “All Aboard the Trump Train!”


The GOP elephant dons a Trump-like toupee in this political cartoon by Manny Francisco.

Why I Support Donald Trump for President

If you were to go around Saint Joe and ask several guys, “What do you know about senior Russ Sullivan?”  Well, one common answer you might hear is, “He is a registered republican, and proud of it.”  Another you might hear is,  “He supports Donald Trump for the next president of the United States.”  And lastly, you might hear, “Oh yeah, he’s that guys that calls into talk shows.”  All of the above is true, but I feel as if I must disclose why I support Mr. Trump to be our next president of the United States.

Mr. Trump has been a democrat for most of his life.  He has donated a significant amount of money to several democrats, including former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.  All of these facts are true and not up for debate.  Although, he has given money to several republicans as well.  One of the main reasons why investors like Trump is because he will donate to politicians for favors in return.  It’s a pretty simple concept; when politicians have money donated to them by investors, PACS, corporations, and many others, they are looking for favors, just like Mr. Trump.  Many voters are turned off by this concept, but I am able to see right through it.

Donald Trump has turned down millions of dollars of donations from individuals, PACS, you name it.  He mentions over and over again, “I am not controlled by special interests, I am self-funding my campaign.”  Just the other night, I watched CNN’s Anderson Cooper try to back Trump into a corner about this matter.  Cooper brought up the fact that Trump has a donate button on his page.  Indeed, this is true, but people are not looking for favors and help when they donate an amount of $20-$50.  Trump also generates some revenue from gear that he sells on his website.

I really appreciate somebody that is not responding to some outside force.  Many people, including myself, are fed up with DC politicians pandering to their special interests instead of the American people.  Mr. Trump DOES NOT have any special interests, which gives him a clear pathway to get the job done if elected.

If one looks at the cities of Baltimore, Detroit, and Chicago, one might ask, “What are all of these empty warehouses doing?”  Well, major corporations, such as Ford, used to be in these particular warehouses.  These cities used to be the powerhouses of American industry, and many Americans have lost their jobs ever since companies have moved overseas.  This is what I would call unregulated capitalism.  Companies are moving offshore in order to generate more revenue.  When their products are shipped back in, little, if anything, of a tariff is payed.  This is the exact reason why we have a 500 billion dollar trade deficit with China, and a 58 billion dollar deficit with Mexico.  Donald Trump simply says, “No more.” This is a breath of fresh air for me.  No other candidate had brought up this issue except for, you guessed it, Donald Trump!

In my opinion, our current administration has some of the worst dealmakers. As Mr. Trump would say, “We get Bergdahl, and they get four hostages they wanted who happened to be terrorists.”  I am only left to ask, how can this happen?”  Of course he was referring to a prisoner swap.  Each of the men this particular terrorist organization received were high-profile criminals and terrorists.  Of course, today they are on the battlefield.  I have recently read The Art of the Deal.  Mr. Trump is one of the best business negotiators I have seen.  He has finished numerous construction projects under budget, and has very little debt.  Believe me, Manhattan is one of the most difficult places to start, and complete, a construction project.  He is currently renovating the old Post Office on Pennsylvania Ave. in DC, and of course, is under budget.  He has also taken unsuccessful projects, re-worked them, and made them thrive.  So, where am I going with this?  I feel as if somebody with a mentality like Mr. Trump would be able to negotiate better deals for our country, especially trade.  We will hopefully begin to see our trillions of dollars of debt vanish.  I see Mr. Trump as the strongest candidate to handle our economy.

I could make the topic of immigration a 6-pager, but I’ll keep it brief.  I believe that a strong border and immigration system is one of the key incentives of a successful and strong country.  We currently have millions of undocumented illegal immigrants in this country.  One-third of federal prisoners in this country happen to be undocumented immigrants as well.  This needs to change.  In regards to mass-deportations, this is one of the few things I disagree on with Trump. I have absolutely no problem with people immigrating to this country.  It’s what makes our country great, and different from all others.  Immigrants must come to this country legally.  We need strong border protection and security.  This would include a wall on parts of our southern border.  Well, in my eyes, the Donald is the strongest on this issue as well.

Mr. Trump has created a strong movement; this movement is filled with Americans who love this country, and its freedoms.  He is attracting many people who have never voted before.  He also has the support of some democrats and many unions.  This movement has the momentum for Mr. Trump to win the election.  The Republicans blew it in 2012 with Mitt Romney.  They could have easily won.  As Americans, we have the potential to make this country greater than it has ever been.  Mr. Trump would make a wonderful president.  He himself says that he does not have to be running.  He doesn’t need it.  He simply wants to give something back to this country, and its citizens.  I hope many more people jump aboard the Trump Train because it’s headed to the White House.

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