The Curse Will End – Why the Cubs Will Win the World Series

Well baseball fans, an exciting regular season has come to an end, the matchups are set and an exciting month of baseball is just beginning. Probably the biggest surprise this season was the Cleveland Indians winning their division, with the defending champion Royals not even coming close to making the playoffs. For Baltimore fans it was not a surprise, but for the baseball world, nobody expected the Orioles to make the playoffs or win more than 78 wins. All of the excitement seemed to be in the American League this season, this can inferred by the not-so close divisional races in the National League.  As I did last season, I’ll make my playoff predictions.screen-shot-2016-10-03-at-10-33-49-am


Indians vs Red Sox – Red Sox in 5 games

The Red Sox have the best offense in Major League Baseball, and a stellar rotation. On the flip side, the Indians offense is average and their rotation is a little banged up currently. This is why I think the Red Sox should have no problem moving on to the ALCS.

Blue Jays vs Rangers – Rangers in 5 games

This series is tough to decide on a winner, but Toronto’s bullpen is too unreliable for my liking. The Blue Jays could still get a few wins, but Texas is too good of team to go against.


Dodgers vs Nationals – Nationals in 5 games

Every season these two teams dominate the regular season and then disappear in October. This season they face each other in the NLDS, even though I have them going the full five games, I think there is clearly a better team. The Nationals have a great rotation that will carry them to the NLCS.

Giants vs Cubs – Cubs in 5 games

It’s an even year, so that means the Giants will win the World Series right? Wrong. The Cubs were dominant in the regular season offensively and on the mound. I think the Giants will take the Cubs to the limit, but will come up short in the end.


Red Sox vs Rangers – Red Sox in 7 games

The Red Sox will be a even hotter team coming into this series, and will be a battled tested team. The Rangers rotation will undoubtedly have trouble with the potent Boston offense. I have this series going 7 games because I believe the Red Sox bullpen will have a few too many mistakes, but not enough to knock them out.


Nationals vs Cubs – Cubs in 6 games

The battle of the team that has never won a World Series against the team that hasn’t won in almost 110 years. Two of the best rotations in baseball face-off in a big series that will be dictated by the Cubs young offense. If the Cubs’ bats show up, then should have no problem silencing the Nationals.

World Series

redsox9c5b086c20c03f3e682ea4a0866b7c08          Red Sox vs Cubs – Cubs in 7 games

The two teams most historic franchises square off in the dream scenario World Series. A top flight rotation will square up against a juggernaut offense. Will Big Papi have his dream farewell game? Or will the Cubs finally break their curse? Just imagine this, it is the top of the 9th at Wrigley Field, it is a one run game with bases loaded and David Ortiz pinch hits for his final MLB at-bat that could win him his third championship, and he strikes out and the Cubs celebrate their long awaited championship. Cubs will eke this one out with their pitching and a little help from the Red Sox bullpen.

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