Project Your Best Self: An Interview with Mrs. Mary Bodley

Mrs. Mary Bodley, a new theology teacher here at the Mount, has an experienced background and a bright future with us. I had the chance to speak with her to get some information about her time before coming here. She has a strong connection to the Mount: she has a son who is a 2012 grad, and her father, 3 of her 4 brothers, grandfather and great-grandfather are all alumni.


Mrs. Mary Bodley has been an attorney and a teacher at CCBC before joining the faculty at The Mount.

Mrs. Bodley has lived in Maryland all her life. She was born and raised in Baltimore, attended Woodlawn High School, and graduated from Western Maryland College (now known as McDaniel College), where she received a Bachelor’s degree in English. She has been teaching English since 2013 at the Community College of Baltimore County in Owings Mills. Another profession Mrs. Bodley has practiced is law. She has been practicing as an attorney since 1987, but she has experience even before then. Before Law School, she worked as a legislative assistant to a James M. Collins who now represents Texas in the US Congress. “He was a self made millionaire but as down to earth and as good a mentor as you could find in your first real job,” says Bodley about Collins. The lessons she learned from Collins about cultivating relationships and projecting her best self helped shape her then and still shapes her now.

Away from school, Mrs. Bodley enjoys gardening, swimming and participating in her community. She is the president of the Catonsville Toastmasters Club and enjoys public speaking and addressing concern. She enjoys traveling as has always wanted to go on a long distance trip, but with 3 kids who are young adults, traveling has been put on hold. “Italy would be my first choice for a vacation because I’ve always wanted to go to Europe.”


Ms. Bodley teaching in Room 5.

In the classroom, she describes her teaching style as “demonstrative and interactive.” She teaches 3 freshman theology classes, and she sees her students as “bright and talented young men with potential.” Her goal for her students is to see them bloom as men and learn to take time with their work. She doesn’t want them to just memorize and regurgitate but also to analyze their work and get the grace from the theological concepts that will aid them in life and in school.

Overall, Mrs. Bodley is a great fit for our school community and will provide a great starting point of theological concepts for the young men who have her.

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