OpEd: Should Teachers Have Weapons in School?


Should teachers have guns in schools?

Note: This is a student editorial, and it does not reflect the views of Mount Saint Joseph High School or its members. The school shooting at Columbine High School struck fear into every American. Fifteen people died on that tragic day and 24 more were injured. In 2012, at Sandy Hook Elementary School, a gunman killed 20 first-graders, and that seemed even worse because such young children lost their lives that day. Now it is 2018, and we just witnessed another school shooting take place at Parkland High School in Florida, and 17 people were killed. Since 2012 to present day, more than 400 people have been injured due to one of 200 school shootings in the United States. Law enforcement is usually at the schools in 20 minutes or less after the shots are first heard. The question now is should teachers have weapons so they might be able to take down the shooter before it’s too late?

Gun control in the US is a very controversial topic in many people’s everyday conversations. It’s always swayed by people’s political views and their moral views. Everyday you probably hear someone talking about gun control and why it is good or bad. One party might say, “We need to get rid of guns and weapons completely and not let anyone have them except law enforcement.” You might hear, “Guns don’t kill, the person holding the gun kills people.” Many people are now stuck between the two sides. Staying to one side could start an argument or going to the other could start an argument. 

Teachers having weapons in schools sounds like something to laugh at and joke about, but maybe the teachers of Parkland High School think differently. Consider if your school was to have a shooter enter and start shooting; would you want your teacher to have a weapon on them to protect you and your classmates? There are really two sides to this argument: either yes or no, and many people just don’t want to say whether or not they want to have weapons at school or not.


February CBS News Poll showing those opposed and in favor of allowing teachings to carry guns.

Allowing weapons in schools would drastically affect the actions of teachers in a shooting situation. The teachers would have to be very well trained in order to operate the weapon, no matter what it is, and be able to apprehend the shooter once he is down to the ground. Although teachers do have weapons and would be allowed to use them at the appropriate time, that kind of situation should ultimately be left to the police.

Not allowing weapons in schools could make the shooter go on longer and have more people killed and injured. Teachers could be better trained to know what to do when they hear gunshots and, instead of taking action to go after the shooter, form a barrier in front of the door or a blockade and go hide somewhere in the room so that the teacher and the students would not be seen or heard by the shooter.


Will more guns make people safer?

This is one of the biggest controversies fueling Americans education and politics today, and it might not be solved anytime soon. This could go on for as long as it could take to finally come up with an answer of whether or not teachers should or should not have weapons and should weapons be taken away completely. Many schools around the country are taking small but effective precautions to make sure that their students are safe when they come to school. Most schools are starting to close and lock their doors during every class, starting to train the teachers to be ready for when a shooting might occur, and teaching the students how to be safer and aware of what is going on around them. I hope that our government will find a way to make everyone happy and help achieve a peaceful, reasonable solution, because students should not have to go to school in fear of something like a shooting happening to them during school.  

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