Is This The Rebirth Of The Doom Franchise?

Since the release of DOOM in 1993, fans have been hooked on the (then) revolutionary gameplay style and the exciting story of Doomguy. DOOM helped not only bring on the run-and-gun first-person-shooter genres found most popularly in video gaming, but the action young gamers never knew they wanted as well. Throughout the evolution of DOOM, the story of an angry marine fighting demons from hell has remained as a central and exciting plot point for players to follow.


Game poster from the original DOOM Image courtesy of Bagogaming on Flickr https://flic.kr/p/26xc5zp

With the unique POV and exciting gameplay, the franchise quickly gained a huge following. Since the fans only wanted more, the DOOM franchise continued their campaign to release more content for those keeping them afloat. Thus bringing the release of DOOM II: Hell on Earth in 1994. With the sequel’s raging success making its way to the public, the fans doubled as they saw the franchise continue to grow. But, like all things, the franchise had to take a breather sooner or later.


DOOM II gameplay, featuring the Lost Soul enemy. Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

Which lead to the DOOM franchise going dark as the craze slowly faded away to the occasional playthrough as the surge of FPS games continued to rise. But, the creators of DOOM weren’t finished yet; they made the decision to revive their pride and joy through the release of a technologically updated version under the name of DOOM III in 2003. The resurrection of DOOM was astoundingly popular, bringing in not only new players but the fans from the past too. This resurrection even brought on the production of a DOOM film in 2004; unfortunately it was far from successful.

Despite the hardships faced by the franchise, the DOOM development team pushed on; but this time focusing on bringing the game back to its original glory in the modern technological age. The DOOM development team joined forces with the renowned video game publishing company Bethesda, to create the revamped and highly anticipated DOOM (2016). Which sent some fans thinking it would be nothing more than a remake, but the rest got to see that it was more than what met the eye.


2016 Edition of DOOM game poster by Bagogaming on Flickr https://flic.kr/p/J9ffER

DOOM (2016)’s release was incredibly popular. The fans of each DOOM generation couldn’t stop loving the remodeled DOOM. The graphics were astoundingly better, the story was new but kept enough details for the nostalgic players, used only the aspects of the originals that players loved best, and most importantly, kept the same run-and-gun-fun playstyle that was so unique to the DOOM franchise. Thus bringing us to DOOM Eternal.


Logo for DOOM Eternal by Wikimedia Commons

Unfortunately, not much is known about DOOM Eternal as of now, but from what fans have seen- it’ll be great. In the teaser release trailer, and officially released gameplay footage, the players could see that DOOM Eternal is including all of the amazing aspects shared with them in DOOM (2016) as well as some new and exciting features that haven’t been seen before. DOOM Eternal has promised players the chance to not only fight new enemies with the beloved weapons of the past but with new gadgets unique to DOOM Eternal.

So with the flood of FPS games, why invest your time in DOOM? DOOM has an undeniably fun story with an unforgettable history that separates it from the mainstream games like Fortnite, Call of Duty, Battlefield, PUBG, etc. The history alone is enough to attract the fans of the past while getting new players hooked, but that’s not all that DOOM has to offer. DOOM will remain as one of the founding fathers of FPS and will always have one of the most fun and interesting stories offered to gamers.

Aidan van der Horst is a senior member of the Multimedia Journalism class.