Forsaken Brings The Light Back to Destiny Franchise

The Destiny community has been wanting more and more from the developers and that is just what they got. The Forsaken expansion is the third expansion that released on September 4th, 2018. The old fans that have been around since the original game were excited to see what newest editions that Bungie thought of, and new fans got a brand new experience using Destiny that they hadn’t seen before.


Guardians about to enter the crucible. Screenshot of game by Jake Schwarzmann

A new weapon system, new sub classes for all characters, new story, new characters, and many more things that the entire player base is excited for.

Bungie’s aim for the Destiny franchise was to make a first person shooter with different MMO aspects. The Massive Multiplayer Online experience is often seen in games like World of Warcraft and Runescape, some of the most played games of all time! Destiny had big shoes to fill in the MMO category and adding the first person shooter is what made the game so unique. Destiny has a rich history with a deep backstory that has carries on into the second game.


The stunning scenery of the planet IO. Screenshot of game by Jake Schwarzmann

The story is always a debated topic in Destiny. Many veterans believe that the original game had little to no story line, just your guardian running around killing enemies and gaining xp. Those same players love the Destiny 2 campaign where, as a player, your job is to get the light back from Ghaul who tries to harness the power to destroy the universe in which the story takes place.


At the end of the campaign, Ghaul is killed by the player and the light is restored to the people! The game goes quiet until the first expansion, Curse of Osiris, is released. In this story we follow the quest of the most well known guardian, Osiris, on his journey to kill Panoptes, a leader in the robot species called the vex, that has attempted to harness the power of reality changing. Osiris has gained this ability to alter realities, or travel between the, and you join forces with him to kill Panoptes and regain stability in the world. The Warmind campaign is next in line where your guardian is tasked with defending the all-powerful AI Rasputin who has been attacked by an alien race called the hive. In the end, the Hive worm god Xol (pronounced zol), is defeated and the AI Rasputin is safe from harm.


The Lair. Photo Credit: Stefans02 on Flickr. https://www.flickr.com/photos/stefans02/39926638874/

The forsaken story follows Uldren who is the prince of the Reef, a group of space junk free-floating in space that has been colonized by the Awoken. Uldren has created a jailbreak for the most dangerous creatures in the galaxy and they follow him like a pack of wild dogs. Led by the Fanatic, they are ruthless killers that obey Uldren’s every word and are released on the world. Your guardian is tasked with killing all 9 of them and then facing one final boss. But I won’t spoil that for those who still haven’t played the game.

Overall the Destiny fan base has done anything but decline, thousands of new players joining every day and many returning for the unique experience that is Destiny 2.

155DC124-040C-4FB6-8C3A-911F99D689C9Jake Schwarzmann is a senior and a member of the Multimedia Journalism class. You can follow him on Instagram at @shazman_19.