From MSJ to Emmy Award Winner


Greg Amante, a graduate of Mount Saint Joseph High School, speaks to student journalists at Towson University. (Photo Credit: Jenny Atwater, Twitter)

Now entering my senior year, I’ve thought a lot about recently about what I want to study. For me personally, I’ve always held an affinity towards writing and history. The way I’m able to properly express my own thoughts on paper is better than in words. This leads me down a path of research, a path to find my future. Where would I go to school? How would I take my talents to the next level? In almost perfect timing my mom told me one day that an MSJ alum had just won an Emmy. Sports has, much in the same way writing has, been an important facet of my life since I was little. In hearing that Mr. Amante has had success doing two things I love I had to jump at the opportunity to interview him and attempt to glean some wisdom.

When talking to Mr. Amante by phone just before the school year began, I asked him about his experiences working in the sports journalism. He wanted to really focus on the fact that he didn’t begin in Sports Journalism. He began at CNN working in on a variety of topics as a journalist and editor. He continued to say that “going right into sports journalism is a lot more difficult than it seems.”

Greg Amante, producer of ESPN's Outside the Lines. Photo by Kelli Palmer

Photo courtesy of  Kelli Palmer The Baltimore Watchdog

A theme that Mr. Amante wanted to express was that you must become a well-rounded journalist in order to enter into the sports journalism field. A large portion of his colleagues at ESPN, he pointed out, had previously worked at other, “well respected, and large news networks and publications like NBC, Washington Post” and many others.

I asked him about studying journalism at school and he highlighted that Arizona State had a very well respected and known sports journalism school.

In the end, I appreciated the many snippets of knowledge Mr. Amante had given me and I will always have the honor of saying I got to speak with such a respected MSJ alum.


Tom Scantlebury, Senior

Tom Scantlebury is a senior and a member of the Multimedia Journalism class.

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