The Walking Dead Season Nine Mid Season Review: The Resurgence of a once loved show (SPOILERS!!!)

From being America’s #1 show to an afterthought, AMC’s The Walking Dead has went from a household name to your typical zombie apocalyptic TV series. With the on screen loss of many of show’s main characters, many die hard fans have felt that the TV series has not lived up to its fullest potential since then. This has resulted in a drastic drop in ratings in the past couple of the shows seasons. However, since the start of the their ninth season the show has brought back the emotion and feelings in which made the show as big as it is today. 

Title slide for The Walking Dead. Image Courtesy of Flickr.

Since 2010, The Walking Dead has kept fans loyal to the show with gruesome deaths, the death of popular characters, and cruel antagonists. I became instantly hooked to the show since the fifth episode of the first season. In addition, it has gained a tremendous fan base, and in the process it has won numerous awards. The first 6 seasons, I believe were some of the most memorable seasons in the history of the show. However since the start of the seventh season, I have noticed that the episodes that have been aired have been nothing but lackluster. I had to take a break because of my disappointment The man vs zombie relationship was no more, and the content of the episodes have taken the idea of an apocalyptic world out of the scenario. At one point, the zombies have become just background noise for the show’s characters. Now, the idea of fearing zombies has become apparent again and because of that I recognize that there is a noticeable change in this season. With the news of the departure of the show’s main character Rick Grimes, characters like Maggie, Daryl, Michonne, and Carol now deal with the life in a world where they feel most vulnerable. But this vulnerability has put the show in almost a desperate state and has given it a sense of urgency

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Season nine of The Walking Dead has been absolutely tremendous. The desperate search to find peace in a world of chaos and cruelty has taken the season by storm. There has been numerous amounts of characters who have stepped out to fill the void that has left the show in questionable state. I believe that there is a lot in store for what the show can do next. Considering the current position that the show is in and the somewhat unpleasant reviews that the show has been getting hit with, much is too be needed to revive this re-surging show. With the introduction to the potentially one of the show’s biggest antagonists The Whisperers, the show cannot go anywhere but up. In addition to the introduction of the fear that the Whisperers bring and the return of the type of zombie apocalypse that made the fan of the show desperately want more, the unsettling relationship between the characters on the show add more fuel to the show.

The Walking Dead. Image Courtesy of Flickr.

The Walking Dead may have had their times of concern in regards to the show’s future. But, this season might take away the doubt that fans, cast members, critics, or others have for the post apocalyptic centered show. Time will tell where this season will take this show.


Mark Ramsey, Senior

Mark Ramsey is a senior and a member of the Multimedia Journalism class.