YouTube star, Felix Kjelberg, gets married, surpasses 100 million subscribers

Felix and Marzia during their wedding. Photo Credit: Felix Kjelberg’s Twitter

Felix “Pewdiepie” Kjelberg got married to Marzia Bisognin on August 19 after 7 years of being together. He then proceeded to reach his goal of 100 million subscribers, being only one of two channels on the site to ever reach this milestone. YouTube awarded him with the Red Diamond Play Button for surpassing this monumental goal.

Felix and Marzia. Photo Credit: Felix Kjelberg’s Twitter

Felix got married to Marzia on August 19 at Temperate House and the Nash Conservatory in Kew Gardens, London. During a trip to Japan in April of 2018, Felix pronounced his love to his girlfriend and they got engaged. By this point, they have known each other for about 7 years. Videos showing beginning of their relationship can be seen on Felix’s YouTube channel, Pewdiepie. Because of Felix’s popularity on social media, and YouTube, many people, including other famous YouTubers, rushed to congratulate the couple for their engagement and wedding.

Felix showing off his award.
Photo Credit: Felix Kjelberg’s Twitter

Right after his marriage was released to the public, Pewdiepie’s channel surpassed 100 million subscribers! This was an amazing accomplishment for Felix, being one of two channels not owned by YouTube to reach 100 million subscribers, Himself and T-Series. For this achievement, they both received a brand new award from YouTube to celebrate their success. Created just for them, they received the red diamond play button for surpassing 100 million subscribers.

This is clearly the height of Felix’s YouTube career. Despite some challenging times before, with his amazing accomplishments over the past month, he is reaching a new height on his platform that he hasn’t seen since the beginning of his channel. He originally started his channel by posting gaming footage, getting off to a slow start with followers. But, after some time, he steadily began to grow as a content creator. Not everything was great tho, as he was dropped by some sponsors, including YouTube & Disney, after he made anti-Semitic ‘jokes’ as part of a stunt. Despite the backlash, and the criticism, his brand continued to grow. While he may not ever be forgiven for his jokes, and he has continued to attract criticism and controversy for his connection to anti-Semitic groups, it is hard to argue against the success that Pewdiepie has achieved. With his wedding, and his recent subscriber success, Felix is clearly riding a high, despite the controversy that has dogged him.

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