Is there any charm left in Charm City?

Brownstone homes are a common sight in the city of Baltimore. Photo Credit: https://baltimore.org/sites/default/files/coolbrownstones.jpg

In recent years, Baltimore has been give labels such as “America’s Deadliest City” or a city that’s in a decline. I believe some of that is fair criticism, but the national media and even some people at Mount Saint Joseph fail to realize there is more to Baltimore than most people think.

I recently interviewed a couple of people who gave their viewpoints of Baltimore, and what perceptions about Baltimore they think should be changed.

First I interviewed Ramata Lam. Ramata is a student at IND, and has lived in West Baltimore for ten years. She said “Not to say that our crime rates aren’t bad but we’re more than that. Baltimore is full of art and culture. Whether it be the graffiti art on [interstate] 83 or the festivals that go on here. We have a lot.”

The newly-opened pagoda in Patterson Park gives a nive view of downtown Baltimore.

My next interviewee was my Ralph Brisueno. Mr. Brisueno is an artist, and has lived in Baltimore his whole life. Mr. Brisueno has also had numerous art galleries shown in the area of Baltimore. “I have lived in this city for a while and seen it go through things. I think now, it gets a murder-infested view and that’s just not true.”

“I have lived in this city for a while and seen it go through things. I think now, it gets a murder-infested view and that’s just not true.”

Mr. Ralph brisueno

My last interview was Mr. Shawn Turner, who teaches Math at Mount St. Joe. He has grown up and lived in Baltimore his whole life. Mr. Turner said that, “we need to see people for people.” He talked about how we like to generalize people’s actions in the city as whole. This is a problem that will continue to feed the bad perception if we do not change the way we think. He also talked about how Baltimore has good parts and bad parts just like any other city, and that the fact some people only focus on the bad parts and it needs to change. That’s one of the few ways the bad perception people have about Baltimore could change.

Mr. Turner talks about seeing people for people.
Founders of mindful Baltimore

There are Baltimore residents that think the city isn’t as bad as others claim it to be. I agree with Mr. Turner in that in order to change the way we see this city or other any city with social problems, we have to judge the city by the individual people. It doesn’t help to group the bad actions of others with all of the people who, through their daily actions, help the city grow and support the city in their every-day life.

Alex Burnett is a senior member of the Multimedia Journalism class.

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