Does Disney+ live up to the hype?

A little over a month ago I took at trip to Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida. The rides and attractions were great, the food was pretty good, and the new Star Wars Land was also impressive. But it wasn’t the rides that got people’s attention, it was giant signs and billboards all around Orlando with one message “Magic awaits: Buy Disney+.” And On November 12, this streaming service was added to the world of Netflix, Hulu, and ESPN+.

Disney+ has now taken off as one of the most hyped up streaming services since Netflix’s boom. And with Disney+ including movies from the biggest and most popular entertainment company in the world, it’s safe to say it’s gonna be a large investment. But is that good? What can you expect from Disney+? Is it worth it? What does it include? Can we trust it to be up to expectations? All these questions are asked by many people all around the world. I explored all of these questions through research and data given by Disney themselves. Should you get it? Let’s find out.

The unveiling of Disney+. Photo courtesy of Engadget.com

Disney+ is another home-streaming service similar to others, like Netflix and Hulu. It includes 5 different varieties of entertainment that Disney owns, including Disney, PIXAR, Marvel, and Star Wars movies, along with National Geographic documentaries and series. Disney+ comes at an average price of $7 a month and about $70 a year. There is also a bundle, that along with Disney+ includes Hulu and ESPN+, at about an average of $13 a month. There are plenty of other discounts, including one with Apple and Apple TV, but the real question is, what will I get?

The pricing models for Disney+.

Disney+ includes the 5 different varieties of entertainment listed above, but that’s not all. Disney+ includes two original series right now, The Mandalorian and High School Musical the Series, and it will definitely expand in the future. There are also 8 other originals, 4 of them nonfiction and 4 of them short series. Of course more will be added sometime in the future. Movies like Avengers: Endgame and some movies from the Star Wars saga are very popular and more movies will be added to Marvel and Star Wars areas, including a few mini-series in the future.

If you like Disney, Marvel, PIXAR, and Star Wars movies then yes it is for you. And as said before, not only is it movies, there are short films and documentaries, such as the ones on National Geographic, that can interest viewers as well.

The Mandalorian is one of the hottest titles currently on Disney+.

Of course there is also the Hulu/ ESPN+ bundle and a Verizon package that can provide more than just Disney or can lower the cost. But before you buy Disney+, you should know that it’s not perfect. When Disney+ was released on November 12, it immediately faced some problems. Users accounts were hacked and users said that they couldn’t log in or couldn’t watch some of the featured videos. Also, some third-party websites have been selling codes for people to buy at discounted prices. The original thought was for families to share these codes so all friends and family can share Disney+, but we can expect they will get rid of those. Still, being the biggest marketer of entertainment, the Disney franchise will certainly work things out.

You can watch Disney+ on a variety of streaming services, including Amazon Fire devices, Apple TV and regular Apple devices, Google devices (such as Android), Roku TV, Xbox One, PS4, and other PC web browsers. Nintendo Switch is also planned to stream Disney+ in the coming months. There can be up to 7 user accounts, 10 devices connected, and 4 people all watching at the same time. PG-13 will be the highest rated content. Some “risqué” movies, like the R-rated ones, will be featured on Hulu.

This year could be a phenomenal year for Disney. Disney+ is expected to have good ratings, and most critics say that originals, such as The Mandalorian, are very accurately produced and well written. The Community of Disney+ is still growing and it will continue to grow with the movies featured and the more originals written. Disney+ will definitely change in the future and some people debate when to get it.. Even with Disney being the biggest entertainment franchise in the world, it still has its downsides. But, Disney+ has proven to be successful in its first days, with over $55 million in revenue gained. Disney+ has allowed for the most loved entertainment company to be streamed in your own house, and right now it has impressed.

Matthew Holsey is a freshman member of The Quill.