Edge versus center, the fight for the slice

The world has many questions, “who am I?”, “what’s the point?”, “Is there really a God?”

Well today I will be discussing the most important question known to man: do you prefer the edge or the center of the brownie?

This question was brought up after school during tech week.

The students were just finishing their practice and came out for their snack that is prepared for them by the mothers of the drama club.

One of the students started a discussion when another student was asked which section of the brownie they prefer and they chose the center. This caused a reaction from some of the student’s peers who made the claim that the edge of the brownie is the superior piece.

Countless people flocked to their Instagram and Snapchat asking their followers which segment of the pastry they prefer. While these polls had a wide range of replies, there was no way to know how accurate the polls were.

This inspired me to go ahead and create my own poll. I went around Mount Saint Joseph and asked students and teachers on their preferences with this. The guidelines were simple, if you had the perfect brownie, what piece would you take from it.

I had to set guidelines to stop anyone from letting any over or undercooked brownies sway their opinion.

After a full school day of roaming classes and polling everyone that would reply, I came out with 72 votes. These replies ranged from students in my classes to even our school’s president, Mr Andrews and our former principal, Mr Norton.

In the end the results were actually quite even. There were 40 votes in favor of the edge of the brownie. Meanwhile, the center piece secured a solid 32 votes.

I set up a separate poll for friends that I have online with the same exact question. This had fewer results but ended with another close win for edges. The poll ended with 10 votes towards edge and only 7 going to the center.

I decided to check online to see what the public’s opinion bent towards in this brownie themed debate.

Surprisingly, there was a large amount of articles that defended the center. Places like Buzzfeed and Barstool Sports covered this before and in both occasions center won out.

There were also instances like Spoon University who literally wrote an article called, “Why the corner slice of the brownies is actually the best”.

There have even been trays created that set the pan up in a way that makes every part of the brownie an edge.

It is obvious that people feel very strongly towards their preference of brownie slice. It truly is strange that such a simple debate can be fought over in such a strong manner. It is impossible to tell which side is definitively better. In the end it is all preference.

This debate opens a lot of other questions, such as the question on edge or center of a square pizza? Or possibly a cake-like brownie or fudge-like brownie?

The questions go on endlessly. Its impossible to say that one side is better than the other, the only thing we can all confirm 100% is that the brownie debate is essential to world peace.

Evan Saverino is a senior member of the Multimedia Journalism class.