How will the COVID-19 vaccine be distributed?

Photo by cottonbro on As we progress into the winter months, and people stay indoors longer, this likely means the Coronavirus will be easier to spread. We are in need of a vaccine and fast. Luckily, the government has received doses of the vaccine. Now it’s just a matter of distributing the vaccine to … Continue reading How will the COVID-19 vaccine be distributed?

Video games are not a waste of time

Photo by EVG Culture on This is to give a visual representation of playing video games Throughout my time being a video game lover, I’ve heard many instances of people either making fun of, mocking, or negatively criticizing video games. I have been told by several people that video games are a waste of … Continue reading Video games are not a waste of time

Why be a teacher?

Photo by While teaching is a mostly overlooked profession by students and even some parents, it often doesn’t get the respect it deserves. Especially with the pandemic, teachers not only have the responsibility of keeping their students in check, but they also now have the responsibility of figuring out how to use technology effectively … Continue reading Why be a teacher?