Architecture: a paragon profession?

Architecture is a great career option for those who love to work with the technical and the creative: it balances mathematics with design and drawing. Not only that, it pays well too, with the possibility of $150,000 per year. But although architecture is a great job to consider, is it really as creative as one … Continue reading Architecture: a paragon profession?

The tradition of the tower

We leave our mark; that’s what we do.Mr. Frank Espinosa, Principal of Mount Saint Joseph High School At Mount Saint Joseph High School, the sense of unity is almost palpable. As many of the students, teachers, and alumni agree, this unity stems from the school’s vibrant tradition. Traditions like those fostered at The Mount are … Continue reading The tradition of the tower

Art as a means to strive for beauty

“The first time of many that I really recognized the beauty in brought me from the verge of giving up on art to barely keeping up with all the things I wanted to make.”Isaac Scharbach, Class of 2017 What if the sole purpose of creating art was to produce something beautiful? Most of the … Continue reading Art as a means to strive for beauty