How the world is being destroyed by million dollar JPEGs

NFTs are being talked about on every corner of the internet. They are very controversial, and by searching them up on any social media platform, you can see millions of people mocking people that own them. If you don't know, NFT stands for non-fungible token. That basically means that it is a unit of data … Continue reading How the world is being destroyed by million dollar JPEGs

Don’t look around: the scary reality of “Don’t Look Up” From absurd presidents to toxic social media, the Netflix film "Don't Look Up" brings light to the absurdity of modern United States society. Other than giving audiences a satirical story about the end of the world, the film gives many viewers, specifically Americans, a scary wake-up to the ridiculous nation that is the U.S. … Continue reading Don’t look around: the scary reality of “Don’t Look Up”

Architecture: a paragon profession?

Architecture is a great career option for those who love to work with the technical and the creative: it balances mathematics with design and drawing. Not only that, it pays well too, with the possibility of $150,000 per year. But although architecture is a great job to consider, is it really as creative as one … Continue reading Architecture: a paragon profession?

An international divide: COVID-19 vaccine mandates

Across the world, thousands of individuals have chosen not to receive the COVID-19 vaccine shot. As of October 27–the time I am writing this —3 billion people worldwide have obtained the vaccine. Many countries have sat back and waited, including President Joe Biden, who recently lost patience with anti-vaccine activists. Many people have split opinions … Continue reading An international divide: COVID-19 vaccine mandates

The confusion of post-quarantine education

With the two-week reprieve from school in March of 2020 finally ending months later, educators are forced to confront the future of the US school system. With the future uncertain, who can we turn to? What were the benefits, if any, of online learning? What struggles did it pose? What was best for educators, and … Continue reading The confusion of post-quarantine education