The Art Shack

Episode 1: In the first episode of Art Shack, we give an overview of different forms of expression in art. Art is fundamentally that, an expression, and it can be shown in many ways. We introduce this topic and give some examples of famous pieces of art from history. Episode 2: Chuck Close reading The Art Shack

From ceramics to K-pop, how Korea’s art has evolved

Korea has a long history of art and poetry. There are numerous surrounding nations and cultures for the Korean people over the ages to draw from. Between their neighboring countries, religion, naturalism, and personal expression in one of the most repressive nations in history, there is a lot to express and also many cultural mediums … Continue reading From ceramics to K-pop, how Korea’s art has evolved

Johannes Vermeer: Catholic Art and the Dutch Golden Age

In the Netherlands, the 17th Century was one of the all-time highs. Philosophy, art, science - reformations in all levels of society were making a better Netherlands. The economy was flourishing; however, one of the significant changes to Dutch society was the Protestant reformation. The Protestant Reformation, which, by the time of famous Dutch painter … Continue reading Johannes Vermeer: Catholic Art and the Dutch Golden Age

The confusion of post-quarantine education

With the two-week reprieve from school in March of 2020 finally ending months later, educators are forced to confront the future of the US school system. With the future uncertain, who can we turn to? What were the benefits, if any, of online learning? What struggles did it pose? What was best for educators, and … Continue reading The confusion of post-quarantine education

Art as a means to strive for beauty

“The first time of many that I really recognized the beauty in brought me from the verge of giving up on art to barely keeping up with all the things I wanted to make.”Isaac Scharbach, Class of 2017 What if the sole purpose of creating art was to produce something beautiful? Most of the … Continue reading Art as a means to strive for beauty

A high school artist’s reflection

As an artist, there’s always opportunities to make art in many different mediums, and there are hundreds of other mediums out there, both in traditional and digital. I have personally been drawing with pencil on paper for as long as I can remember, but it wasn’t until more recent years when I began to gain … Continue reading A high school artist’s reflection