How Wordle took over the World

Wordle is a highly addictive word puzzle game that has recently taken over the internet. It's a game that tests your deductive reasoning and guessing skills to discover a mystery five-letter word. The word resets every day, giving players a reason to come back and play. This game seemingly popped out of nowhere, so how … Continue reading How Wordle took over the World

How Super Smash Bros changed video games

While some video games lack story, characters, plot, or overall game mechanics, one gaming series that does all of those well is Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros franchise. Over the five games in the series, Super Smash Bros is able to capture the eyes and hearts of millions of people around the world, both because of … Continue reading How Super Smash Bros changed video games

Why is Tetris so addicting?

Tetris. It's the iconic puzzle game that everyone has played at least once. It is currently the third best-selling game of all time, being beaten by Grand Theft Auto V and Minecraft. It is a remarkably diverse game, as there is a large community of casual and competitive players. The various versions of the game … Continue reading Why is Tetris so addicting?

Video games are not a waste of time

Photo by EVG Culture on This is to give a visual representation of playing video games Throughout my time being a video game lover, I’ve heard many instances of people either making fun of, mocking, or negatively criticizing video games. I have been told by several people that video games are a waste of … Continue reading Video games are not a waste of time