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The Super Mario Brothers Movie: Will It Be Good?

Recently, Nintendo released the first trailer of The Super Mario Bros. Movie, and it has taken the internet by storm. Millions of people are discussing it and sharing their thoughts on social media, and it’s not hard to see why.

Back in September 2021, Nintendo announced that an animated Super Mario Bros. movie was in the works, and in that announcement, they showed the cast. Chris Pratt as Mario, Jack Black as Bowser, Keegan-Michael Key as Kamek, and many more celebrities were brought to voice these famous characters.

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This announcement exploded on the internet. Everywhere, you would see people discussing it and making memes, creating an immense amount of hype. Everyone wanted to see Chris Pratt as Mario and were excited to see if it would be good or not.

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Finally, after a year of waiting, we got the movie’s first preview. It was broadcasted live worldwide on October 6, 2022, to an audience of over 600,000 people.

After viewing the preview, I must say it doesn’t look bad. Many people, including me, thought the movie would be a generic Illumination cash grab. However, it seems a lot more promising than that. It’s clear that everyone involved is putting as much effort as possible into this project, and I am genuinely excited to see it.

The trailer shows a promising performance from Jack Black as Bowser, and Chris Pratt as Mario isn’t as bad as everyone expected. Pratt’s performance as Mario is still hilarious, though.

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The trailer is extremely promising, and I am looking forward to watching it when it releases on April 7, 2023. It’s cut out to be one of the few good video game movies, along with the Sonic the Hedgehog adaptation. If you are a fan of animated movies, make sure to keep this one on your radar.

Logan Gorospe is a sophomore member of The Quill.

Should you be excited for Spider-Man: No Way Home?

The movie will follow Peter Parker, the teenager with spider powers, as he navigates through his superhero life turned upside-down.

In less than a month, Spider-Man: No Way Home will arrive exclusively in theaters. The movie will cap off a (hopefully) fantastic trilogy. We’ve seen Tom Holland’s incarnation of Peter Parker do some fantastic things, like working with Iron Man, getting turned into dust, and defeating Mysterio (what an awful name). Unfortunately for Spidey, Mysterio leaked his identity and framed him for his death shortly before dying. As we can tell from the recent trailers, the new movie will take place directly after. It will be the eighth live-action Spidey movie, but the first in which his secret is revealed. What can we expect from this ambitious wall-crawling flick?

To kickstart the movie, Peter will attempt to save the secret. He asks Stephen Strange, a fellow avenger, to make everyone forget that Peter Parker is Spider-Man. As a result, many different people from other universes enter theirs (In classic Spidey fashion, Peter tampered with the spell by speaking to and distracting Stephen). Some of these visitors are classic villains, including Green Goblin, Electro, Lizard, Doctor Octopus, and Sandman. What’s exciting about it is that actors of the same characters in older Spider-Man movies will return to reprise their role. Jamie Foxx, who originally played Electro in The Amazing Spider-Man 2, has returned.

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Villains aren’t the only people fans expect to return. Fans theorize that Andrew Garfield will come back to play Spider-Man. He starred as Peter Parker during The Amazing Spider-Man movie series. However, audiences were disappointed by the two movies, and Andrew couldn’t finish the series. There’s no evidence that Garfield will star, but people continue to bombard the actor with questions on whether he would return. In an interview with GQ, Andrew claimed he was done with the questions. I don’t blame him, as fans are getting excited for nothing. Despite the rejection, I’m looking forward to the fans’ reactions of his appearance (or absence).

I can tell this movie is going to be filled to the brim with action, as there’s so much to look at in the trailers. For example, we see Doctor Strange on top of a passenger train in the middle of the Grand Canyon. What does this mean? We don’t know, but it’s amazing to look at. The official trailer also hypes up an epic battle near the end in New York. We think this is where our web-head will defeat all the villains. Something else that’s eye-catching is Doctor Octopus’s and Electro’s costumes. They seemed to update from their designs in previous Spider-Man movies. Electro even has Tony Stark’s arc reactor on his shoulder. What could that mean for his character?

Spider-Man: No Way Home has an aura of hype and mystery around it. Only a couple trailers have been released, and they share a lot of shots. However, we can tell that Spidey is going to have to go against many classic Marvel villains. It looks to be the most exciting superhero event of the year for new fans and loyal fans alike. Longtime fans can look forward to seeing the villains they saw while watching Spider-Man movies as kids. New fans will definitely be treated to some amazing action sequences and impressive visuals. That’s certainly the situation for me.

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MSJ at the Movies: Die Hard is a Christmas movie

Both director John McTiernan and writer Steven E. de Souza both confirmed that Die Hard is indeed a Christmas movie several days before Christmas. But what makes it a Christmas movie? In this video I discuss several reasons why.

If you have not seen Die Hard, I highly recommend it. It is available to stream on Amazon Prime Video and HBO Max.

Gabe Henstrand is a senior member of the Multimedia Journalism class

MSJ at the Movies: Death Note (2006) vs Death Note (2017)…What went wrong?

The Death Note anime series is one of most beloved and critically acclaimed animated shows of all time. So when Netflix decided to make a live-action movie adaptation of the franchise in 2017, what went wrong?

A lot.

Death Note (2006) is a beautifully animated series that tells a compelling, unique story that anybody can enjoy. The same, however, cannot be said about the adaptation.

From a messy, condensed plot to poorly-written characters, Death Note (2017) completely fails to capture the essence of its original counterpart and is both a let-down of fans of the franchise and an underwhelming experience for new viewers.

The film manages to be a rehash of the original story while also making unnecessary changes that just do not make sense.

Both Death Note the anime and Death Note the movie are available to stream on Netflix.

Gabe Henstrand is a senior member of the Multimedia Journalism class.