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Is Kanye West’s career over?

Kanye West, or “Ye,” is in big trouble.

Chicago rapper Kanye West has grown to be distinguished as one of the most talented musicians of our time. From The College Dropout to Donda, Kanye’s musical skillset and pure talent injected into his albums have made him millions. However, with Ye’s recent anti-Semitic tweet, his legendary reputation is hanging by a thread.

Following a separation with Gap, Inc., Kanye has tweeted that he is going “Death con 3 on Jewish people.” West’s scuffled with celebrities and politicians, but anti-Semitism is new for the rapper. He’s been under fire from fans, journalists, and politicians alike (rightfully so). Kanye is in the most significant controversy of his career now, and that’s saying a lot.

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(Above) Kanye famously found himself in controversy when he interrupted Taylor Swift’s Video Music Award acceptance in 2009 and said Beyoncé should’ve received the award instead.

The tweet was targeting the execs of Gap. Kanye explained his frustration with the company to CNBC: “Sometimes I would talk to the guys, the leaders, and it would be like I was on mute or something.” Kanye believes that the high-ups in corporations that control artists and athletes are primarily Jewish; this anti-Semitic theory is no stranger to the world and can be traced back to Hitler.

It’s human that Kanye would feel frustrated—he’s had to separate from a brand that helped him achieve his dream—but threatening an entire race and accusing them of corruption is dangerous. It’s happened before and had horrible consequences: six million Jews were killed from 1939 to 1945 in the Jewish Holocaust. And already Nazi hate groups have rallied with the tweet, hanging a banner over a Los Angeles freeway falsely claiming “Kanye is right about the Jews” while raising Nazi salutes.

What’s upsetting is that the situation could still be salvaged if Kanye apologizes and denounces his words. Kanye’s already lost his “Donda Academy” private school and his partnership with Adidas, so he needs to act quickly before losing more. But for someone with a severe arrogance problem, it will be a struggle. In mid-October, journalist Piers Morgan interviewed Kanye West to attempt to give him a platform to explain his perspective and apologize for his harmful comments.

And, of course, Kanye barely apologized. Sure, he said he was sorry for the people he hurt. “Hurt people hurt people, and I was hurt,” he explained. However, Kanye still admitted upfront it was racism. Morgan told Kanye the tweet was as racist as anything Kanye had been through, but Ye simply laughed it off. It seems like Kanye is trying to make a point with his recent comments, but he is acting racist nonetheless and is doing more harm than good.

“Millions of people have had DEFCON 3 on their contracts. I opened it up. I didn’t say that then, but I said it now. If I am going to apologize for the tweet, this is what has to happen first: I need all of the top executives in Hollywood, the NBA, and the NFL, and I want the top executives in music – dealing with publishing, Spotify, Apple Music, and Universal Music. I want to look look at the top ten earners in each of those contracts and compare and contrast the contracts. We need to open that conversation, live, with lawyers asking questions – and we’ll have the top lawyers looking at all the contracts together. After that moment happens, I will apologize.”

-Kanye explaining his tweet

Personally, I think Kanye is a genius – he is adept at challenging the status quo both in music and general – but the issue with him, as many put it, is that he knows he’s brilliant. His self-involvement has hurt him many times already – and, with recent anti-Semitic accusations, it could hurt many others. Before any more wrong is done, Kanye needs to find mental help.

Mr. West is no stranger to mental health issues. Following his embarrassing interruption of the 2009 Video Music Awards, Kanye disappeared and fell into his first significant public downward spiral. Later, in 2010, the unreleased track “Never See Me Again” was leaked to the public and quickly framed as a suicide note written by Kanye; it has grown to be considered one of his best pieces.

And, when the musician later announced his diagnosis with bipolar disorder in 2016, he quickly cleared it up for many as to why he had grown to be such a controversial figure. West described his episodes as “you can’t trust anyone,” and the rapper signaled a new era of awareness for men’s mental health.

Unfortunately, following his separation from Kim Kardashian in 2021, Kanye began to act erratic. It was apparent when he released the abstract Donda 2 single “Eazy,” carrying disturbing cover art and lyrics threatening Kardashian’s boyfriend at the time, Pete Davidson. Kanye later severed his friendship with fellow rapper Kid Cudi publicly on Instagram for associating with Davidson.

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(Above) Kanye West pictured with his former wife, Kim Kardashian. Kardashian is often credited with helping Kanye deal with his bipolar disorder.

And now, following an unrelated separation from the company that helped him finalize his dreams of becoming an entrepreneur and designing his own shoes, he has nearly lost it all.

If Kanye is going to fix his mental health and save his reputation, he will have to take some time off and recover. The rapper has had to split paths with his wife, friends, and dreams, all within a year, and now he’s taking out his pain on the world. Before anyone is hurt – because his tweet was truly anti-Semitic – Kanye needs to prioritize his mental health. For now, Kanye’s future is looking grim, but if he can work on himself and give an honest apology, the chances are high that he can recover his legendary reputation.

Jude Danner is a Sophomore member of the Multimedia Journalism class.

The appeal of historically black colleges and universities

Historically Black Colleges and Universities have been a staple in Black education since 1837. They allow an opportunity for community, family, and a sense of belonging. So many times at predominantly white institutions, Black students feel like they have to fit in and don’t have people that understand them.

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Representation is everything. Being a black student at an HBCU is the most refreshing thing. You see black excellence and young black men and women thriving. When you see them win, it pushes you to believe that you can win. As opposed to what you see on TV, you’ll see unity. There are people there that really support each other and love to see their brothers and sisters shine. There’s a culture that’s just natural. You’re surrounded by like-minded people. Everyone knows how to get up and dance when that song comes on and what to do. There’s just a shared experience and love of being Black in America. This is great for many black students who are used to education systems working against them.

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One thing about HBCUs is that you will encounter professors who care about you. They aren’t shocked by your greatness, but they expect it. They believe in you more than you’ll ever believe in yourself. They expect and push you into continual growth. Seeing you thrive is their primary goal. They will make time to know you outside of just a student. They want you to push towards your own personal excellence.

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HBCUs give you a home environment. Being the majority helps make you feel comfortable and seen because you relate to things just from skin tone; it doesn’t even matter where people come from, but rather that shared cultural experience makes all the difference.

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You have a sense of security knowing the people around you have the same fight. They go to sleep worried about family like you and pray day and night about the inequality across America. They know the same struggles as you.

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With HBCU homecoming season having just passed, you can see how a school connects so many people with one event. Homecoming isn’t just a game or a day; it’s a week-long experience. It’s a week full of love, people putting on their best outfits, parties, and really everything you can imagine. The homecoming event entails tailgates, a parade, fashion shows, concerts, a coronation, and alumni returning to hang out with people they love. Homecoming is the embodiment of its name; people are coming back home to where they lived some of their best years. Homecoming also helps welcome new students and show them what it is like outside the classroom. Homecoming allows you to run into old friends or even make new friends.

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The student life at an HBCU is second to none with the Divine 9 [fraternities and sororities]. Also, the HBCU Marching Bands are the best in all aspects, with drum majors, dancers, and majorettes on top of that. They also have events centered around having fun as a community.

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HBCUs allow many opportunities religiously with Gospel Choirs, Chapel, and so much more. Many of them are built on faith and also service. They are full of community service, giving back to others, and excelling at doing more for others.

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Special thanks to the current Director of Liberal Studies, and Psychology professor at Hampton University, Dr. Tamara Monet Baldwin Williams (Spelman College alumnus). Also, thank you to two current HBCU students who provided their experiences – Amaya Short, Hampton University, Class of ’25, and Bria Williams, Howard University, Class of ’26.

Nicholas Paxton is a Senior Member of the Multimedia Journalism class.

Should the media focus less on celebrity news?

Over the past decade, celebrity news has become more widespread. With the rise of TikTok, Instagram, and other social media, more little-known stars and some formerly unknown individuals have become overnight sensations and household names. News stations such as CNN, Fox News, and others are using a lot of their time and resources to update their viewers on the lives of these celebrities.

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While some may say that this is good for younger people looking to achieve their dreams of becoming “stars,” that celebrity news is overtaking traditional news in importance is concerning. A study done by the Pew Research Center shows that 40% of the public believes celebrity news is given too much attention. This is because while celebrity news can be entertaining, amusing, and even somewhat relevant, most of what is distributed is plain gossip.

There are quite a few differences between gossip and actual news. According to the Dictionary, “News is newly received and noteworthy information, especially about recent and important information.” Journalists, whose job is to provide news, use seven elements to determine newsworthiness: “impact, timeliness, proximity, human interest, conflict, bizarreness, and celebrity.” Thus, news events cover various topics and events meant to inform viewers of the ongoings of the world and help them live their daily lives.

Why is a celebrity considered newsworthy? It all began with gossip columns, which were first introduced when the printing press and mass printing came around. During the 18th century, the first actual spread of gossip was seen widely throughout Europe. As demonstrated in the series Bridgerton, gossip within newspapers, magazines, and pamphlets was a common way to update regular individuals on the lives of politicians and other “famous” individuals. Since then, gossip has evolved into what it is today: a way for ordinary people to update themselves on the lives of people they look up to or view as famous.

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Everyone has their own belief about what they think should be on the news. While some say that important political topics, global issues, and updates on America’s status are very newsworthy, others believe that more attention should be placed on information that helps them live their daily lives.

No matter what you think should be covered on the news, it can be universally agreed upon that the news should inform its viewers and educate them on current events. Even though an argument can be made that focusing on celebrities can bring new topics and information to light, it is safe to say that celebrity news should not be the primary focus of mainstream and more prominent news channels.

Elan Amienyi is a sophomore member of The Quill. This is his first published piece.

Philadelphia sports are overrated and here’s why

Joel Embiid, Jalen Hurts, James Harden, and Bryce Harper; the faces of the Philadelphia sports teams. The most overrated sports city that we have seen in a while. Yes, the Phillies are in the World Series, and the Eagles are 6-0. They are both doing great things and accomplishing a lot, but they both are frauds.

The Eagles are the only undefeated team left in the NFL, sitting at 6-0 heading into week 7, the number 1 seed in the NFC and leading their division. If you look at the schedule for the Eagles through the first 7 weeks, they have played the 1-5 Lions, barely beating them 38-35. They also played the 2-5 Jaguars and the 3-4 Commanders. Granted, they have played the Cowboys 5-2 and the Minnesota Vikings 5-1, respectfully. Those teams also face a lot of overrated hate, which is well deserved. The Vikings were barely able to beat out Andy Dalton and the New Orleans Saints. Jalen Hurts is said to be the man across the National Football League. Jalen Hurts ranks 15th in passing yards, 21st in passing touchdowns, and 2nd in the league for interceptions. For a “top 10” quarterback in the NFL, those stats are not good. Only 6 passing touchdowns do not deserve to be recognized as a top 10 quarterback.

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On to the Phillies; the Phillies are in the world series, yes, but their team has been fortunate to get to the point they are at. Their whole postseason run has been due to their bullpen and good starting pitching. Throughout this World Series, the Phillies have one player hitting over .300. Yes, Bryce Harper is going absolutely insane. The Phillies hitters outside of Bryce Harper have been hitting lower than .250. The only reason that they are scoring is home runs. They have 22 home runs this postseason and a total of 104 hits. 21% of their hits have been home runs. That is every one in five hits for their team is a homerun. Their team average, as it stands right now going into game 4 of the World Series at a whopping .233. Their pitching has been the superstar and powerhouse. In the World Series, we have seen Ranger Suarez give the Phillies a masterclass; their top guys, like Nola and Wheeler struggled. Combined, their top 2 pitchers have given up all the runs through 3 games. Is the Phillies’ pitching going to be able to hold up against the mighty Astros lineup?

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The Seventy Sixers might be the least overrated team in this article, but they are still overhyped going into every NBA season. They get eliminated from the postseason every year after people say they are going on a run. Joel and Harden are two superstars. They have not been playing up to par this season. Joel Embiid is still doing his normal things averaging 27.2 per game, but Harden is been very inconsistent this year, averaging only 22 points per game which is low for him. Overall they sit at 4-5. Yes, it is early in the season, but their team seems to be on the downswing.

Jack Bieda is a junior member of the Multimedia Journalism class.

Student Investigation: Which Water Fountain Reigns Supreme?

The Taste Testers – Nick Palacorolla and John Torroella

This month, two of my friends and I set out on a mission to find the best water fountains at Mount Saint Joseph.  Juniors John “The Cuban Missile” Torroella and Nick “Big Daddy Nick” Palacorolla served as the water judges. After narrowing down our top candidates, they taste tested each one.  Based on a poll conducted via social media, we narrowed down the criteria for judging water fountain supremacy.


The three main criteria for judging were taste, temperature, and water pressure. Each factor was rated on a scale of one to ten, and the three scores were averaged for an overall score. We also decided to test the pH of the fountains using a digital pH probe.  A pH lower than seven is considered acidic, and a pH greater than seven is considered basic.  Pure water has a pH of seven, but the pH drinking water generally falls between 6.5 to 8.5.

Library Fountain

“This is my personal favorite, and it is in a good location.” – A previously thirsty St. Joe student

Nick: Temperature: 9, Taste: 9, Water Pressure: 7

John: Temperature: 9, Taste: 9, Water Pressure: 8

pH: 7.76

Overall: 8.5 The fountain near the library is probably the best tasting one at the school. This fact, paired with its convenient location make it a serious candidate for being the best fountain on campus.

2nd Floor of Founders Hall (Near Bathrooms)

“This is one of my favorites, but it sprays up in your face.” – A blinded St. Joe junior

Nick: Temperature: 9, Taste: 7, Water Pressure: 8

John: Temperature: 9, Taste: 6.5, Water Pressure: 6 “It’s way too high.”

pH: 7.84

Overall: 7.58 This fountain has an extremely high spray.  It has the highest water pressure at MSJ, but it’s a little too high to be used comfortably.

Fine Arts Center (Near Box Office)

“Pretty average” – A parched freshman on his way to Mr. Breen’s class after a pitstop

Nick: Temperature: 9, Taste: 7, Water Pressure: 6

John: Temperature: 9.5, Taste: 7, Water Pressure: 6.8

pH: 7.68

Overall: 7.55 Pretty average fountain.  Not the best tasting, but the water is decently cold.

Fine Arts Center (Near Piano Lab)

Looking for some stellar water? You’re gonna have to go out of your way to find it!

Nick: Temperature: 10, Taste: 8.5, Water Pressure: 8

John: Temperature: 10 “Coldest one at St. Joe.”, Taste: 8.5, Water Pressure: 8

pH: 7.57

Overall: 8.83 This water fountain is most definitely the coldest one on campus. However, for many students it’s out of the way. Although the water is ice cold, it’s a bit of a hassle to get to it.

Smith Center (Top Floor Near Bathrooms)

“Best water on campus!” – An athlete running late to workouts

Nick: Temperature: 8, Taste: 7, Water Pressure: 10

John: Temperature: 8.5, Taste: 8, Water Pressure: 9.5 “It’s like perfect.”

pH: 7.59

Overall: 8.5 This fountain is probably the best one in the athletic facilities.  With a good balance of taste and temperature and nearly perfect water pressure, the water fountain at the top floor of the Smith Center is a serious contender.

St. Joseph’s Hall (Near Studies Office)

Nick: Temperature: 8.5, Taste: 8, Water Pressure: 8

John: Temperature: 8, Taste: 7 “Lowkey flat”, Water Pressure: 8

pH: 7.67

Overall: 7.92 Pretty average water fountain overall.  There is an emergency defibrillator attached to the wall right above the fountain that students could accidentally hit their heads on (see video below).  This might be the most dangerous water fountain at MSJ! 

Based on the overall scores, the top three water fountains at MSJ are the piano lab fountain, the fountain near the library, and the top floor Smith Center fountain. Each one has their own strengths and weaknesses, so which one is best is still up for debate.

The pH probe showed that all of the fountains that we tested were basic.  However, the probe’s readings were slightly sporadic during the testing day, so the data may have a minor margin of error.

Ease of access to good drinking water is important to students and faculty. For this reason, we support the installation of water bottle refilling stations. These refilling stations can be mounted onto existing fountains, making it more cost effective. Installing water bottle refilling stations around campus could make it easier to get cold, tasty water throughout the day.




Unscripted Podcast Episode 1: Reaction to the Trump Presidency

In our first installment of the Unscripted Podcast we discuss the first month of the Trump Presidency. Ms. Sarah Slingluff provides the Unscripted crew (G Bailey Toth, John Snyder, Nick Viennas, Nick Crabbs) with a high school history teacher’s perspective on the past, present and future actions of the Trump Administration.

Disclaimer:  The views and opinions expressed in this podcast are those of the participants only and do not reflect any official position of Mount Saint Joseph High School or the Xaverian Brothers Sponsored Schools.  The discussions within the podcast are intended for entertainment and educational purposes only, and neither Mount Saint Joseph nor the Xaverian Brothers Sponsored Schools accept any responsibility for information presented as fact or opinion in the podcast.