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Spirited pep rally gets St. Joe pumped for Homecoming Saturday

Saturday, October 19, marks the 2019 Homecoming for Mount Saint Joe. At 11am, Varsity Soccer will be taking on Chesapeake High School, followed by Varsity Football playing McDonogh. In between the two games, there will be a tailgate for students. On Friday, St. Joe celebrated MOJO Day, where students were encourage to wear purple, in support of MSJ.

MOJO Day culminated with a pep rally to celebrate the achievements of the fall sports so far, including: soccer, football, water polo, mountain biking, and volleyball. All of the senior members of the teams were introduced, while Varsity Soccer Coach Mr. Mike St. Martin spoke to the students about the importance of coming out to support the teams playing on Saturday.

The pep rally was punctuated with student activities that were fun for all the participants, and the fans alike. Students competed in arm wrestling, Rubik’s cube competitions, tug-of-war, a relay race, and dodgeball.

Come out to support the teams on Saturday at 11am and 2pm at St. Joe. In the meantime, check out some of the awesome shots from the 2019 Fall Pep Rally!

Joey Johnson – Standout Freshman Photographer


Joey Johnson, ’19 is the only freshman ever to take photography as a class. To accompany his work being displayed in this week’s Art Show, he explains his essence as a photographer:

1.) What got you into photography?

Going on fishing trips in the Patapsco with my father got me into photography. I wanted to record our father/son memories as well as capture the environment around us. I was particularly interested the ruins of old buildings and structures around the river.

This lead to my passion for Urban Exploration (Urbanex for short) Photography. I go into and explore abandoned buildings to photograph them. My inspiration for this is that I feel I’m preserving pieces of history.

2.) How does it feel to be the only freshman ever in photography? How did you get in?

Determined, I contacted and talked to Mr. Bienek, and sent him a few of my best photos. Luckily, in my persistence and in my photos, he saw something that made him think I was ready for the class.

I am very grateful that he took a chance on letting me take the class because it has turned out very well. I have gotten A’s for all three marking periods so far, and I love taking the class. The upperclassmen treat me with respect. I appreciate them and their love for photography, and I think they feel the same way towards me.

2016-04-17_14608543883.) What inspires you to take the photos you take?

Most people never think of going inside these derelict buildings because they seem scary or ugly, so in my photos I try to let them have a look inside and show that there is still beauty in decay. My photos are very important to me because they not only save the beauty of these buildings before they’re demolished, but they also remind me of the great adventures I had with my father and my friends.

4.) What are some of the places that you have gone to take pictures?

On my most recent Urbanex adventure, my father and I drove 200 miles to a town in the Poconos to explore an abandoned honeymoon resort. It was an amazing experience, and I hope to have many more like it.

5.) Where is your favorite place to take pictures?

My favorite place to take photos is Ilchester, MD, mainly because I have made countless memories exploring there and taking photos with my friend Stephen Mosberg, who also goes to St. Joe. In the summer, we like to walk from his house down to the river and the abandoned houses nearby.

6.) Do you hope to pursue a career in photography?

I hope I will pursue a career in photography in the future. My dream job is to travel the globe as a National Geographic Photographer, to take pictures of the wonderful world we live in.

* To see more examples of Joey’s work, visit @jmjohnsonphotography on Instagram.


Rory Fisher- Art Week Profile

IMG_20160415_200937This week marks the beginning of Fine Arts Week at MSJ, where the community gathers around and takes a look at the incredible art pieces our students have created. In honor of the week-long celebration, we will be chronicling a few notable artists whose pieces have either left a mark on the community by their powerful message or just by their sheer beauty.

IMG_20160415_200903When I think back to last year’s Fine Arts Week, there is one specific piece that comes to my mind right away above any other piece. It wasn’t a painting or drawing; it was a photograph, and for a lot of people that photograph spoke to them by its deep and real message. This photograph was about depression and the trials of life, and the photograph and others like it were taken by junior Rory Fisher III. I had the chance to talk to Rory about what inspired him to become a photographer, the message he hopes to convey in his art, and how he sees himself continuing photography in college.

IMG_20160415_200914Fisher said he began taking pictures as a tool to express himself. “What inspired me to become a photographer was when I was going through a low point in my life, and to get my feelings off of my chest I would just photograph them.”

Fisher shines through his photographs. His message and inspiration truly shine through his photographs. When he was in his “low point,” to help himself he wanted to find a way to help others or spread awareness for others through his photos. He explained, “I base all of my art off of the things that people don’t and are scared to talk about. My message at the end of the day is we should all strive at a young age to make society a better place, so by the time we are older we can live in a world that we are satisfied with.”

IMG_20160415_200920As far as looking ahead to college, Fisher definitely sees himself pursuing photography into the future. “I see this photography thing taking me a long way, and I’ve realized I was blessed with another talent, and since I was blessed with this talent I’m going to run with it.”

Rory’s latest pieces and the rest of MSJ’s amazing artists’ work will be on display in Xavier Hall through the end of the week.

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