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Earning his wings: How senior Brad Biagiotti is maximizing his senior project experience

The month of May is always an exciting time for seniors. Most are selecting where they will spend their next 4 years, counting down days until graduation, and preparing for prom on the 17th. Another exciting time in May are the 2 weeks dedicated to Senior Project. These 2 weeks are given to seniors who would like expand their interests and do a range of projects. Projects ranging from building benches on campus to writing a children’s book and everything inbetween. This year, the Mount has several unique and amazing Senior Projects from the class of 2019. One of those projects are being done by Bradley Biagiotti.

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Senior Brad Biagiotti is spending his senior project learning the basics of cross-country flying.

Bradley Biagiotti, an aspiring commercial pilot, will be spending his 2 weeks learning how to and flying a plane. For the past year and a half, Brad has been working towards his private pilot’s operating certificate. He will be spending his 2 weeks doing his project titled Learning the basics of cross-country flying. The term “cross-country flying” doesn’t literally mean flying across the country. In flying, the term means flying point to point as a part of training. To help visualize, cross-country flying is flying from Point A to Point B, Point B to Point C, the from Point C back to Point A. The exercise gives trainees the opportunity to learn several key aspects of flying. Brad will gain the skills such as navigation, communication, and many other aeronautical skills. He will be doing his project at Tipton Airport where he will do practice flights and ground training. When he is not at the airport, Brad will spend time studying material from his Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) textbooks. He will also use his time wisely by planning out routes for the following day. As a final documentation of his project, Brad will present a video of his experiences.

Brad is one of the many Mount Men who use Senior Project as a way to expand his interests. “I have always loved flying. I’ve known from a very young that I wanted to become a pilot….When I learned of the opportunity to put these skills through Senior Project, I jumped at the opportunity.” Brad will continue to expand his knowledge and continue his pursuit in becoming a commercial pilot next year while majoring in Aeronautical Science at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.

Jonah Burns, Senior

Jonah Burns is a senior member of the Quill.

Senior Project Podcast: Old World Blues Radio

Old World Blues Radio Icon

Old World Blues Radio Podcast Episodes 1-3: A Dead Stone Gathers No Moss, Lebab, and The Blue Masquerade.
By Owen and Sean Zaleski

With each show aiming to capture the spirit of the golden age of radio, Old World Blue Radio proudly presents three exciting episodes. The thrilling detective mystery, A Dead Stone Gathers No Moss, featuring Tom Novac, police detective. The heart humping political drama of Lebab. And the suspenseful science fiction thriller, The Blue Masquerade. We at Old World Blues Radio hope that you enjoy each story and that you share them with others who may be interested.


A Dead Stone Gathers No Moss, featuring Tom Novac


The Blue Masquerade




Senior Project Journal: Teaching Biology & Anatomy

For his Senior Project, Nick Viennas chose to shadow and teach alongside Mrs. Pat Abrahms. Nick also decided to journal each of his days to give us insight into his Senior Project. This is his first entry, detailing his first week teaching Biology and Anatomy.

Day 1

May 1, the first day of senior project. I arrived at school around 7:20 trying to be early, but as soon as I walked into the room I was bombarded by students waiting for help with their DNA labs. Before 8 AM I had already helped about five students. The first day of classes I spent most of the time shadowing Mrs. Abrahms. When I was not observing, I was busy grading Mrs. Abrahms’ freshman biology homework or running off labs. As school came to a close I was left with a feeling of excitement, I could not wait to become more hands on in the classroom.

Nick Viennas helping students in Mrs. Abrahms Anatomy class.

Day 2

The second day of Senior project there was a little less to do. A few late assignments came trickling in that were due yesterday, but that only took me a few minutes to grade. When grading these late assignments I had to take off 10 points, so they start off with a 90. It was very interesting being the one to grade the assignments. A part of me wanted to grant mercy to the students, but the other part of me knew that they did not put much effort into it. Most of the day was spent studying the Cardiovascular system PowerPoint and finding videos for my lesson starting on Thursday. As the day progressed a few biology students would ask me to either answer a few questions they had on a in class assignment or they asked me to tutor them. Tomorrow I will really start to get hands on. I will be helping Mrs. Abrahms lead the online frog dissection with her Freshman classes, and I will also finish my prep for next weeks fetal pig dissection.

Day 3

The third day was a very relaxed day. St. Joe had a half-day, due to the Freshman presentation of their Solutions Showcase projects. With only 25 minute periods I spent most of the day working with the biology class.  In the biology classes I assisted Mrs. Abrahms with the online frog dissection and checking their homework assignments. With the anatomy classes I usually spent the time looking over the Cardiovascular systems PowerPoint for tomorrows class, just making sure that I was ready. When I was not doing that, the class was watching a Crash Course video to summarize their lesson. Tomorrow I will start my lecture, I am very anxious to start getting hands on.

Day 4

Today is the day that I begin teaching. First period is anatomy, so I can get started right away. The first anatomy period was a little shakier than I wanted it to be. I was not confident with what I was teaching, trying to be perfect and trying to teach like Mrs. Abrahms. Mrs. Abrhams took some pressure off of me once she filled in all of the areas of the Cardiovascular system that I missed. As the day progressed I began to get a hang of teaching and was less reliant on Mrs. Abrahms helping me in the class.

Students dissecting fetal pigs in Mrs. Abrahms class.

Day 5

Today was a very slow day, my lecturing only lasted a few minutes. The rest of the time the students were doing their homework assignments or asking questions about blood flow in the heart. Mrs. Abrahms’ biology classes had tests. During the free periods we had, Mrs. Abrahms taught me how to run the tests through the scantron machine and put the grades in the grade books. Monday we will begin the fun part, the fetal pig dissection.

Day 6

Today was the beginning of the fetal pig dissection. I have been waiting for this day since I found out that is what I was going to be leading. First period today was the H period anatomy class, so I was able to begin right away. All the anatomy students had to do today was to begin examining the oral cavity of the fetal pig. I was very impressed with all of the class’s willingness to examine the pig; usually there is some hesitance in the beginning. For the biology classes, they began their lesson on evolution and Darwin’s theory of evolution. I am very excited for tomorrow with the anatomy class to proceed with the dissection.

Day 7

Senior Nick Viennas helping students examine the fetal pig.

Today was my favorite day of the Senior Project so far. The fetal pig dissection progressed dramatically; the students got the opportunity to examine the pig’s thoracic and abdominal cavities. The students removed the liver from their pigs and proceeded to examine the small and large intestines, gull bladder, spleen, and pancreas. After they examined these organs Mrs. Abrahms and I instructed the students to dissect out the heart and identify the four chambers, aorta, pulmonary artery, and pulmonary veins. The biology class’s day was pretty easy, Mrs. Abrahms had the class watch a video about Darwin’s five year expedition where he started to developed his theory of evolution.

Day 8

Senior Nick Viennas looking over the dissection manual.

Today the anatomy class’s finished up the fetal pig dissection. There was nothing left to technically dissect, but they had to examine their pig’s urogenital system. This meant that; depending its gender. They had to identify the genitalia of the pig. After each group did this, they had to throw away the pigs and start to finish their labs. For the biology class’, Mrs. Abrahms moved away from the Darwin video to continue her lecture on evolution.

Day 9

Today Mrs. Abrahms had a doctor’s appointment which kept her from coming in today. She told me yesterday that I would not be needed for the day. I spent this day making sure that I was prepared for my presentation tomorrow and finishing up a few things. It is crazy to think how quickly senior project and this year flew bye.

Day 10

Today is the final day of senior project, and I have mixed emotions. It’s bittersweet to say goodbye to St. Joe after four years, but I am extremely excited for my new chapter at Mt. St. Mary’s. The anatomy classes took a test today, so I actually spent most of the day with the freshman. At the beginning of each class I spoke to the biology students. I tried to give them words of wisdom, and let them know that they need to start taking school seriously. The rest of the day I spent working on my presentation with Mrs. Abrahms.

Doing Senior Project Next Year? Here Are Some Tips I’ve Learned!

Seniors working on their service project.


In this article I am going to give you some tips and tricks on how to survive your future senior as I depart from school and complete my own project.

Tip 1. Do it

The first tip I have for everyone is simple, do senior project. For those of you who are saying “oh I’m only going to have 3 classes after my AP tests so I’m not going to waste my time with that” or “I’d rather sit in a class of three people and do nothing for 2 weeks”, I’m sorry but that is a ridiculous excuse not to do senior project. This is a special chance to do one thing you want to do (and you don’t have to take your finals).

On a personal level, I am taking 3 AP classes this year, and as the two weeks approach rapidly I do not expect any real conflict where I have to sacrifice studying for working and vice versa.

Tip 2. Do not be afraid to do what you want

I know what you’re thinking, it’s a school project so I have to do something academic and school-ish. I hate to break it to you boys, but that’s just not the case. When I say don’t be afraid to do what you want, I really mean it. Just in the class of 2016, there was a project where students played GTA V for 60 something odd hours, a project where a group of guys lived in a house for a week where all they did was eat sleep and play video games (literally), and a project where a group of guys put on a concert for any artists that wanted to play.

Even my project deviates from the standard assigned school projects we get every now and then. My friends and I are planning on producing a short film based on a short film that was also written by us. The biggest thing to take away from the proposal process is that the teachers are trying to find any way possible to accept your project. It’s not like the college board and the SAT where they try to find every way to make you look worse and stress you out.

Tip 3. Get organized early

Once you figure out what you really want to do for your senior project, get started on scheduling and planning early. When I say early I mean as early as you possibly can. Once you have the assembly next year that introduces the topic, that is the time to brainstorm your top ideas. This is important for a couple reasons, one being that if you set a schedule early, there’s more time to move things around and adapt in case something important pops up.

My group and I knew what we wanted to do right away, and that made scheduling a lot easier because as things came up along the way, we already had a built schedule to work around. Our plan was to film our movie over spring break, and since I play baseball over spring break, we were able to build around my game schedule.

Tip 4. It is supposed to be fun

I know school projects 9 times out of 10 are more of a drag than anything else. But senior project is that 1 other time. Assuming you stay organized and don’t procrastinate, this will be an easy and very fun project. Don’t take the fact that it’s a school project at face value and limit yourself to some powerpoint or other boring thing we have done about 50 times in four years.

There are projects this year that are things I would never think of. A couple of my teammates put together a home run derby that raised money for Our Daily Bread. There’s another project where two seniors built a boat from scratch, and another group that programmed their own video game. The possibilities are endless for what you can do for your project.

Rory Fisher’s Senior Project.

Tip 5. Do it with your friends, just make sure you all can actually work together

We have all been in a situation where you pick your friends for a group project. You have a couple class days to work on the project, but instead of doing that, everyone is messing around wasting their time. The same thing goes for senior project. It can be your best two weeks at St. Joe if you want to mess around for the entire time and get nothing done, but that final day where you have to present your project, that will ruin not only the two weeks, but your entire year. Have fun, but make sure you’re getting work done at the same time.

For my project, it’s no secret that filming takes a long time to do, if there is any sort of messing around, the time it takes to get a substantial amount of work done will double. Needless to say, messing around did happen, and the time for us did double. It put our schedule back a day, but luckily we were able to make up for lost time.

These are five very basic tips that I hope can make your senior project experience a lot less stressful that it could have been.