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“We’re working for everybody” – The thought process behind Spirit Week

Monday of Spirit Week was Jersey Day & Anything-But-A-Backpack Day

Saint Joe’s Spirit Week has always instilled a fiery pride and passion for the Gael way through many enjoyable events. These engaging, entertaining experiences bring hundreds of Mount brothers together and culminate with a high-energy Homecoming Saturday. Our Director of Student Life, Mr. Sam Bianco ’01, claimed that Spirit Week, “is one of the great traditions that we do here.” But what has made Spirit Week so great every year? What urges students to make an effort to participate in the numerous Spirit Week events every year?

To Saint Joe’s Student Council, student input and inclusivity are the answer. “It’s definitely on the forefront of every decision we make,” says Mr. Bianco. “We’re working for everybody. We’ve really got a diverse set of guys in there. They’re in all different types of classes and all the different clubs and athletics. Those guys have a really good beat on what types of students exist here.” For this year’s Spirit Week, the Student Council has worked to understand every individual Mount Man’s perspective and worked it into Spirit Week. “The whole week is a lot of effort,” continues Mr. Bianco, “believe it or not, we start talking about spirit week in June.”

A recent interview with student council representative Matthew Hockstra tells us that one of the main goals for the council this year is to make sure every student has fun and is included.

I was fortunate to speak with sophomore officer Collin Park about his perspective. He explained, “we propose ideas to Mr. Ader, Ms. Gallagher, and Mr. Bianco [the teachers who lead the student council], and they ask the administrators to see if it would go through. They give us a little path that we can follow, and that path leads to different outcomes.” Collin wanted us to understand that the students had a far greater say in the creation of Spirit Week than we might expect.

Collin further elaborated on the mechanics of the week’s development, sharing that multiple groups were formed to plan different aspects of the week. The idea is that dividing students among separate areas of the week allows every possible idea to shine. This year, Collin’s group worked on revamping the pep rally and competitions. The team worked vigorously to reimplement details enjoyed from previous years, like the inclusion of teachers in the dodgeball and arm wrestling competitions.

However, the competitive spirit is not the only thing refined this year. Mr. Bianco excitedly announced that the Student Council has a brand new decorations committee that’s “going to do some new stuff around campus this year.” In addition, the student tailgate has been excellently polished with a live DJ and brand-new party games. And you can’t forget Monday’s debut of “everything but a backpack day.” Despite all these additions and more, Mr. Bianco was most excited about the Homecoming dance.

“As long as the weather’s good, it’ll look beautiful out there,” he said in anticipation of the dance. “The facilities team is doing lights everywhere outside, We’ve got a DJ, and some great food, including Chick-Fil-A that’s all included in the ticket. And, we have a great giveaway we are very excited about.” When asked about the prize of the giveaway, Mr. Bianco refused to spoil it but said it was “something that students could definitely use.”

“Homecoming day is one of the best days of the year on campus. You could get here at 11 am, watch the soccer team take on their opponent, come over to the tailgate for free food and fun, go back to the football game and join the student section, and go home, shower, and come back for the dance.”

Mr. Sam Bianco ’01, Director of Student Life

For Mr. Bianco, and many other alumni, the thought of Spirit Week brings back many great memories. Mr. Bianco happily shared, “I remember all of those Spirit Weeks. I remember there being a lot of great energy on campus and out on the field. I went to all four of those homecoming games, and I remember all the student sections being huge and the games being exciting; I went to all four of those homecoming dances, and they were all great ones.” By allowing students to lead their own Spirit Week, the tradition has remained fresh for old and new students alike.

Jude Danner is a Sophomore member of the Multimedia Journalism class.

Unscripted: Talking Spirit Week, Bow Ties and Homecoming

Unscripted With G Bailey Toth is the brainchild of Senior Bailey Toth. Continue to tune in for more future episodes where Bailey sits down with students and teachers discussing happenings at St. Joe, as well as important aspects of student life. All of it organized, and presented, through the lens of eclectic senior Bailey Toth.

This week, Bailey sat down with student body president, Michael Stromberg, and senior class president, Will Ballinger, to discuss Spirit Week, bow ties and Homecoming.

Week In Review: Spirit Week

Spirit Week 2015 at MSJ has come and gone. It was a time for fun and tradition. We kicked off the week with the Homecoming Dance on Saturday. On Monday through Friday, there was a specific theme for each day. Finally, MSJ teams closed out the week with a day of competition against Loyola.

Spirit Week 2015

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The theme for Monday was Beach Bum day. Students would dress up as if they were going to the beach. Everyone was walking around campus with bathing suits, socks with sandals, and hula skirts. It wasn’t the most popular day, but most students participated one way or another.

The theme for Tuesday was Preppy Tuesday. This day is the newest addition to MSJ Spirit Week and the most controversial day of the week. Students either loved it and went all out for the day, or students just didn’t participate at all. It seems likely that this new theme could be scratched from Spirit Week next year.

The theme for Wednesday was Way-Back Wednesday. Students could dress up as anyone from the 20th century. The greaser look was the most popular style of the day, with what seemed like half the school dressing in jeans, white t-shirt, and a leather jacket. This was easily a very close second to Thursday’s exciting theme.

The theme for Thursday was costume day. Everyone was able to wear a costume to school, and there was even a costume contest held in the Group Presentation Room during homeroom. Many people wore superhero costumes, but there were also monsters, killers, and even a Winnie the Pooh walking around campus. This was the most popular day of the week amongst the students.

The theme for Friday was MOJO day. Everyone was dressed up in purple, ready for the pep rally. When the pep rally started, it got really loud with every activity that took place. Activities included the grade vs. grade dodge ball tournament, the Rubik’s Cube competition, arm wrestling, and relay races.  It was an afternoon full of fun, tradition, and prayer.

The Rubik’s Cube Championship!

Faculty vs Students Dodge Ball Match

Finally, the week came to a close with MSJ Varsity Soccer and Varsity Football taking on Loyola’s Varsity Soccer and Football teams. Soccer unfortunately lost 2-1, after a Loyola player stepped up and knocked a penalty kick into the bottom left corner late in the game. However, Varsity Football was a different story. They dominated the Dons with a 28-7 win.  It was a great win for the new coaching staff.

Overall, the week was a total success. Everyone had fun, teachers and staff included, and everyone enjoyed a free week out of uniform for our annual Spirit Week.

Spirit Week Interview with Nick Caporlette

MSJ Spirit Week 2014
MSJ Spirit Week 2014

Spirit Week in the past has been a favorite among Students, so changing things may be a risky move. This year, there are a lot of changes to the daily themes of Spirit Week. Last Friday, I had the opportunity to talk with our Student Council President, Nick Caporlette, about this years Spirit Week.

What are some of the new themes for this year’s Spirit Week?

“Costume day on Thursday, Way back Wednesday, and Preppy Tuesday are some of the new Themes for this years Spirit Week.”

How were these themes introduced to the Student Council?

“I originally introduced some ideas for this years Spirit Week, then others would add some ideas to the conversation. Eventually we narrowed it down to these days.”

Anything special/new about this years pep rally?

“No, nothing really new this year.”

What aspect do you look forward to most during Spirit Week?

“I really like the pep rally. I am also looking forward to the Senior participation in this year’s Spirit Week.”

Personally, I am excited about the new themes for Spirit Week. The one I was looking forward to the most was today which is Preppy Tuesday. The new themes, I think, are pretty creative and are helping to keep Spirit Week fresh and exciting each and every year.