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The Weightlifting Club is here to help you achieve your strength goals

What is weightlifting

At this point in our lives, many young men, like us, are striving to achieve their peak physical strength and appearance. While we know that we cannot achieve pure perfection, there is a club at MSJ that could help us reach these goals. The Weightlifting Club provides a way of exercising that helps build up physical and mental performance.

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Weight training is all about putting stress on the muscles to build strength, which can be beneficial in gaining muscle mass and reducing body fat. The Weightlifting Club provides that opportunity and encourages its members to go above and beyond to improve their physical form.

The Benefits of Weightlifting

Lifting weights provides many benefits, particularly to those who play sports. Mr. Matt Schmidt, the Weightlifting Club faculty advisor, points out, “The major adaptation that weightlifting provides is injury prevention.” Along with reducing the chances of injury, weightlifting can improve cardiovascular endurance, agility, and energy levels. So, the Weightlifting Club might interest you if you play sports like football, basketball, or hockey.

According to Mr. Schmidt, weightlifting provides several benefits besides improving muscular form and appearance. He describes how weightlifting supports various body systems, including the skeletal system, the immune system, the circulatory system, and the nervous system. Mr. Schmidt also describes how consistently working out and doing physical activities, like weightlifting, can help maintain your body throughout your life.

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While weightlifting helps your body physically, it can also help your body mentally. Studies show that weightlifting helps improve the mood of people suffering from depression and anxiety. In addition to helping with mental wellness, Mr. Schmidt claims that individuals who reach physical fitness milestones are often filled with a sense of accomplishment. Studies have concluded that weightlifting helps keep the mind mentally engaged and stimulated.

Why you should participate in the club

The Weightlifting Club at MSJ provides an experience you will not find by working out alone. The club offers weightlifting resources to students who either cannot afford it or find it too intimidating to participate in a social environment. But the most unique thing is the club provides a sense of community. While the community is described as loose, it is a community that encourages its members to go above and beyond and reach milestones they find intimidating in order to reach their full potential.

Aidan Bajadek is a Junior member of the Multimedia Journalism class.

MSJ CyberPatriots Excel at Virtual Problem-Solving

In an increasingly digital world, it has become more important than ever before to be well versed in using technology. Digital tech is used for almost everything these days. Everyday, Mount Saint Joseph students use iPads to connect to online class assignments. Although these advancements in technology have brought convenience, they have also introduced the risk of being hacked. No system is perfect, and hackers find ways to exploit vulnerabilities in devices.

B431A92D-E2F1-4DAE-BC12-AE3D2975C130Mount Saint Joseph’s CyberPatriots club is looking to find solutions to this problem. The club participates in a nationwide competition organized by the Air Force Association. By learning how to recognize and fix issues in computer operating systems, members of the club are gaining the necessary skills to improve cyber security.

I interviewed Mount Saint Joseph juniors Pierson Polcaro, Jack Phelps, and Martin Blurton-Jones to get a view into the club.

Pierson Polcaro

Q: What does the club do?

A: We fix vulnerabilities on virtual computers. We get sent an image of a computer system, and we fix problems with it.

Q: When did the club start?

A: I think it started last year.

Q: What is the objective of the competitions?

A: To fix the most problems.  You don’t get told what the problems are, so you have to find them and then fix them.

Q: How far have you guys gone in the competition? What teams got the farthest?

A: My team got the farthest.  We were in the platinum tier and we made it to the semifinals.

Jack Phelps

Q: What does the club do?

A: Cyber security. Basically we have disc images with built in vulnerabilities that we have to find and fix. It’s on multiple operating systems like Windows and Linux. We also participate in the Cisco Networking challenge which has a quiz and a packet tracer.

Q: When did the club start?

A: This year is the tenth competition, but the club started last year.

Q: How far have you guys gone in the competition? What teams got the farthest?

A: We got to the semifinal round. One team was in the platinum tier – that was Pierson’s team. It’s the top 30% I think.

Martin Blurton-Jones

Q: What does the club do?

A: CyberPatriot is all about teaching cyber security by giving students an in-depth look at operating systems, networks, and the vulnerabilities that plague both.

Q: What is the objective of the competitions?

A: During a typical competition, teams of students are given “virtual machines”, pre-designed systems set with specific vulnerabilities (such as viruses or risky system settings), which students are then given points for fixing or removing.

Q: How far have you guys gone in the competition? What teams got the farthest?

A: The farthest our school has gotten would be my team, Team PBJ, a team of all juniors. The team made it all the way to the semifinals of the platinum tier (the highest tier within the competition).1BEF6AC3-7879-4269-A240-DA01DE54E07D