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What went wrong in the 2023 Super Bowl Halftime Show?

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Some have described the 2023 Super Bowl Halftime show, featuring Rihanna, as one of the best halftime shows to date. In my opinion, the show left much to be desired and was far below the expectations of viewers. It is perhaps one of the worst halftime shows that I’ve witnessed.

The show was exceptionally low in entertainment value. Rihanna performed on a levitating platform that resembled a scene from a video game. She did not move very much due to her pregnancy, and her movements did not match the energy level of her backup dancers. While the movement of the backup dancers was high tempo, Rihanna was more or less static, merely swaying from side to side. This created a huge imbalance in the aesthetics of the overall spectacle.

To provide maximum entertainment, previous Super Bowl halftime show headliners have invited other stars to complement them. However, Rihanna chose to perform solo. Performing solo meant there was no wardrobe, or elaborate stage manipulation. The only “change” was when the levitating platforms rose or fell. Thus, the show was rather flat and lacked attention grabbing activities.

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To a wholesome and impressionable person, Rihanna’s show would be considered “not ready for prime time.” It is not surprising then that the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) received over 100 complaints that some of the dance moves were “patently offensive and completely inappropriate for children.” Some even commented that her inappropriate movements were not suitable for broadcast!

In sum, it is necessary for future Super Bowl organizers to endeavor to recruit performers who will entertain and keep the attention of the entire audience, old and young. Performers, who will not only present a varied and diverse show, but who will respect the sensibilities of the game’s diverse audience. This will keep future shows from being lackluster.

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Mount Saint Joseph Receives Golden Ball from the Super Bowl Honor Roll


The Super Bowl High School Honor Roll program is part of the nationwide celebration of Super Bowl 50. This season, the NFL has been recognizing schools that have had a positive impact on the history of the Super Bowl. High schools across the nation, and around the world, are receiving a Wilson brand Golden Football for every player or head coach who graduated from the school and was part of a Super Bowl roster. This program is recognizing over 2,000 high schools and about 3,000 players and coaches.

SAN DIEGO – DECEMBER 11, 1994: Offensive tackle Eric Jonassen #74 of the San Diego Chargers battles against defensive end Dennis Brown #96 of the San Francisco 49ers during a game at Jack Murphy Stadium in San Diego, California. (Photo by George Rose/Getty Images)

Mount Saint Joseph graduate Eric Jonassen has been honored with a Golden Football that the Mount is proudly displaying now in the main office. Jonassen is a member of the Mount Saint Joseph class of 1986. He was a part of the Penn State team of 1987 who won the Sunkist Fiesta Bowl National Championship. He then went on to play in the NFL as a left tackle for the San Diego Chargers. In the 1994 season, the team made it to Superbowl XXIX and competed against the San Francisco 49ers.

It’s a great accomplishment to be able say that the Mount has produced a football player who made it to not only the highest level of football, but to the pinnacle of success in the NFL. This may inspire current athletes of the Mount to realize that anything is possible and athletic dreams can come true. This may also be a lasting inspiration for future Mount athletes as well.