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You hear them mentioned on the announcements, but what does the Tech & Stage Crew actually do?

When people hear about the drama department they wonder what it’s like as an actor on stage or what it’s like to be a director. What most people don’t think about is all of the things that go on behind the scenes to make those shows look the way the do. Tech and Stage Crew are key components to any of the shows performed. Most people don’t take time to ask, what actually happens in Tech and Stage Crew.

Division I commit, Marlowe Wax: “I just love being on the field, love making plays.”

Given the opportunity, I decided to interview three-star running back and linebacker from the class of 2020, Marlowe Wax, as well as his coach, Mr. Rich Holzer. Marlowe Wax has been on varsity ever since his freshman year at the Mount and got his first start in his sophomore year. Ever since then, he’s been a power runner and a physical hitter on both sides off the field. His hard work and dedication caught the eye of Syracuse, a D1 athletic school, and earned him a full scholarship. The scholarship and the environment of the school in New York helped in making Marlowe’s decision easy, as he committed to the university. Now as a senior, he has one goal in mind: finish the season as a champion. Accomplishing this goal will be the cherry on top as he prepares to take the college platform by storm.

Good luck to Marlowe, and the rest of the St. Joe Varsity Football team. Take a look!             

Kyle Alexander is a junior member of the Multimedia Journalism class and a member of The Quill.

Jake’s Corner: What recruits should expect from college lacrosse programs

Hey, lacrosse fans, I’m Jake Schwarzmann and I’m a senior at Mount Saint Joseph High School. I am a lacrosse player and currently getting admissions and recruitment letters from colleges. My hope has always been to play lacrosse in college, and while talking to different coaches, I noticed that none of the programs are exactly the same. So I decided to talk to different coaches of different programs to see what makes their school special and sets them apart from the competition.

For my first segment, I was able to sit down and interview Assistant Coach Sean Kulczyk from Washington and Jefferson University. Washington and Jefferson is an NCAA Division III school for lacrosse and has a very young coaching staff. They are graduating two seniors this year and have high hopes for the season ahead of them. Their first game is on February 16, 2019, against Kenyon College at 1:00.

When asked what sets them apart from the other teams in their division. Coach Sean had to say that the academics are what really set them apart with 96% of the students able to get jobs within the first 6 months after graduation. Take a listen to my interview with Assistant Coach Sean Kulczyk.


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Discussing BOSS and the importance of black teachers at St. Joe

In the video below, I was able to sit down with Mount St. Joe High School teachers Ms. Wittelsberger and Ms. Claiborne. We discussed the newly founded club, B.O.S.S., how it is run, and what the goal of this club is. Also, we discuss the subject of black teachers at St. Joe and how it particularly affects other black students in regards of academics and willingness to learn.

Mark Ramsey, Senior

Mark Ramsey is a senior and a member of the Multimedia Journalism class.